Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A nymphomaniac?

Far from being a problem with pejorative connotations or to see it as something distorted, has become a subject of clinical treatment called hypersexuality.
When still a desire to become a disease?
Someone must put the limit of sexual libido and frequency, and in my point of view, I do not think anyone has the power to accurately assets, we all have our time and wishes to a greater and lesser extent.
The only thing that is clear is that the protagonists of this sexual power, given its repetitions, are testosterone and estradiol.

The causes can be either psychological or organic, in the latter case for very serious causes product of brain injuries, brain, the issue would be serious, should be psychological cause is the constant quest to be appreciated, dear valued leads them to the constant need to have sex to express their emotional deprivation, which leads to frustration and incrementing the purely physical sexual desire, a vicious circle in which the addition is clearly the engine.
In short, it is a reaction to fill your lack of self-esteem and affection.

Key signs that make you see if your partner is nymphomaniac.
Notes their uncontrollable desires of sexual desire, wherever and however, even with a taste for pornography or masturbation, suspiciously and pronounced.
Usually, you feel bad and guilty after genital stimulation.
They never feel full and happy after, on the opposite, they feel a  sense of emptiness and guilt that invades them for a while and wanting to repeat to try to fill it with pleasure. 
During the time of your intimacy often show neurotic instincts, discomfort and even unhappy with things that have nothing to do with you, as the concentration does not exist for them.
Do not forget that is, nothing reflective of obsessive behavior.
For these people, sex is a way to escape their problems of loneliness, depression, and anxiety, so they not even have orgasms and hence the great interest in resuming sexual intercourse by their great dissatisfaction, on the other hand, they will never satisfied.

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